Post Operative Wound Care


GP surgeries are funded to provide GENERAL MEDICAL SERVICES (GMS) to their patients. The removal of post-operative clips/sutures and post-operative wound care is not part of GMS.

Up to and including 23rd February 2017, ABMU Health Board provided funding to Riversdale Surgery to undertake this work as an extra service.

As of Friday 24th February we are no longer funded to provide this extra service and the responsibility for postoperative wound care has transferred back to ABMU Health Board.

They are fully aware of this move and have made alternative provision for your care in such circumstances. We will still undertake wound care for those patients on whom we have performed Minor Surgical procedures in the surgery itself.

If you have had surgery recently in a hospital and require:

  • Post-operative wound care
  • Removal of sutures/clips

Please contact your surgical team directly who will either provide the care directly or advise you of alternative arrangements and where you should access the care.

If you are unsuccessful when contacting your surgical team, ABMU have provided the following clinic telephone number for you to contact: 01792 530783