Out-of-Hours Service

The out of hours service for our patients is run by Neath PortTalbot Local Health Board.

Riversdale Surgery is not open Saturday mornings.

What are the Out-Of-Hours Services?

Out-of-hours services are the non-emergancy health services provided when your GP surgery is closed in the evening, at night and throughout the weekends. They are for patients who ned to see a doctor urgently and who cannot wait until the next day.

Out-of-Hours operates:

Monday to Thursday –>  6:30pm – 8:00am

Weekends from 6:30pm Friday – 8:00am Monday (and bank holidays)


How to Contact Out-of-Hours

Telephone 01656 766866 and you will hear an answerphone message giving you another telephone number to call. Alternatively, you can ring NHS Direct Wales on 0845 4647. This is a confidential telephone service. You can ring for nurse advise if you are feeling unwell and unsure what to do. The can also tell you where to find your nearest doctor, pharmacy, dentist or support group.


What Will Happen When I Call?

Out of Hours is run by Neath PortTalbot Local Health Board and a trained call handler will answer your call and take some personal details and basic information about the problem you are calling about. They may need to ask about any medical conditions you have, and it would be helpful if you could provide details of any medication you are taking.