Planning a Family

Planning a Family

Listed below are some useful tips when planning to start a family. It is important that you stop smoking and those who smoke whilst in your company or home.

Smoking can –
• reduce your chance of getting pregnant
• increase the chance of you having a miscarriage
• increase the chance of you having a baby that is unhealthily small
• increase the risk of your baby having a bad chest and needing to be admitted to hospital
• increase the risk of your baby dying from cot death

It is highly recommended that you take Folic Acid. This has been shown to reduce the risks of you having a baby with spina bifida, take 400micrograms of folic acid every day from the time you stop using contraception to the 12th week of your pregnancy.

It is also highly recommended that you reduce your Alchohol intake.

Alcohol can –
• increase the risk of miscarriage
• increase the chance of you having an unhealthy baby.
• It is advised not to drink any more than 1 or 2 units once or twice a week while you are trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy.

Diet can play a major part and you are advised to eat plenty of fresh/frozen fruit and vegetables

Do not eat –
• liver or liver products eg pate
• soft cheese or blue veined cheeses as these can adversely affect the foetus

Wash all salad foods thoroughly (even those that are supposed to be pre-washed)
Pre-cooked foods should be heated through thoroughly.
Eggs should be cooked so that both the whites and the yokes are hard.
Avoid too much caffeine, e.g. Cola drinks, tea and coffee.

It is important to wash hands thoroughly after any contact with animals.
Wear gloves when cleaning out litter trays.
Wear gloves when gardening.
Avoid any contact with lambing ewes.

Avoid having X-Rays unless absolutely necessary.

For further information or to discuss any concerns you may have, please make an appointment to see one of our Doctors.

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