Private Medical Fees

Certificates and Forms

Doctors Letter £35.00
Private Sick Note £35.00
Private Prescription £25.00
Fitness to Travel £35.00
Sickness/Accident/Insurance Claim Form (sliding fee scale) £35-£50
Passport Countersign £35.00
Holiday Cancelation (sliding fee scale) £35(min.)-£48
Private Consultation for Overseas Visitors £40.00
Printout of Notes £10.00
Photocopy of Notes + Admin Charge £10.00
+50p per sheet
Report for Employer Without Examination £100.00

Medical Examinations

Report for Employer With Examination £135.00
HGV £135.00
PSV £135.00
Driving £135.00
Taxi £105.00
Examination Inclusive of Chest X-Ray £180.00
Examination Without of Chest X-Ray £135.00
X-Ray £60.00

Updated September 2017


Travel Vaccinations

NB. These vaccines are for travellers exposed to specific and unusual risks. Most travel vaccines are free of charge. Please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse for further advice.

Hepatitis B Course of 3 – under 16 yrs £90.00
Course of 4 – under 16 yrs £120.00
Course of 3 – Adults £120.00
Course of 4 – Adults £150.00
Booster £50.00
Hep B blood test following vaccine £15.00
Meningitis: (includes certificate)
ACWY Menveo – Children over 1yr & Adults (1 dose) £70.00
Menveo 2m -1yr (2 dose) £120.00
Rabies: Course of 3 doses £185.00
Booster £70.00
Yellow Fever: (includes certificate) £70.00
Certificate only £25.00
Japanese Encephalitis: Course of 2 doses – Children 2m – adults £200.00
Booster dose £110.00
Tick Borne Encephalitis: Course of 3 doses 1yr to <16yrs £160.00
Booster £70.00
Course of 3 doses for 16yrs and above £175.00
Booster £75.00
Cholera: Adults & children from 6yrs (2 doses) £55.00
Children 2 -6yrs (3 doses) £110.00
Varicella: Course of 2 doses from 1yrs old £110.00
Shingles: 1 dose Adults from 50yrs old £160.00
Call Recording

All telephone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Text Messages to Patients

If we have your current mobile telephone number, we will send you appointment reminder text notifications, invitations to clinics and health promotion information.

Please ensure that we have your most up to date mobile telephone number so that you can benefit from this service, or for this service to continue if you are already receiving texts from us. (You can opt out of the text notification service at any time by contacting the practice).

Repeat Prescription Number
Phone 111 / Ffoniwch 111