Clinics and Services

Antenatal Clinic

Thursday All Day
This is a midwife-run clinic with input from the doctors when required. If you are pregnant please phone the surgery to advise us. We will pass your information on to the midwife and they will contact you when you are between 8 and 12 weeks pregnant. Your first appointment after this time will be at home when they will make initial assessment and your antenatal scans will be organized and your Antenatal Clinic Appointments will be arranged.
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Respiratory Clinic
This clinic is run by the practice nurses with input from doctors whenever required. All patients with Asthma or COPD should be reviewed annually in our Respiratory Clinic. If you or your child’s asthma is not well controlled, phone 01656 652167 for an appointment or come and see the doctor.
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Blood Pressure Clinic
We have clinics throughout the week.
Ring 01656 652167 for information.

Cervical Smears
If you are a woman aged under 65 years you should have regular cervical smears. You should receive a notification from the Cervical Cytology service when your next smear is due. Please make an appointment by phoning 652167 for the Cervical Smear Clinic, which is run by the practice nurses.
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Cryotherapy (Freezing) Clinic
Freezing treatment for warts, verrucae, certain skin lumps, and areas of sun damage is available at the surgery. Please see a doctor before booking into this clinic. We will not freeze lumps if we are unsure what they are, and we are reluctant to use freezing treatments on children as it can be painful.
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Diabetic Clinic
This clinic is run by the practice nurses and doctors. All patients with diabetes need to be reviewed regularly by our diabetic clinic unless they are attending the Princess of Wales clinic. Phone 01656 652167 for an appointment.
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Family Planning
Routine family planning is provided by our practice nurses. Make an appointment at any time. We offer all forms of contraception including fitting of contraceptive coils and emergency contraception. Coil-fitting is performed by some of the partners and it is recommended that you make an appointment with one of these doctors prior to fitting.
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Health Advice
See our web-links to internet sites and other agencies who will be able to provide helpful advice to you regarding your health. This is found by clicking on Health.

Immunisation Clinic

This is a weekly clinic every Thursday.  Our Health Visitors are available for advice and our Nurses are there to give the immunisations. Alternate weeks are all day.

Medical Examinations
Medicals for HGV, taxi-driving, car insurance, life insurance, joining the police or military, SCUBA diving DO incur a fee. In some cases the organisation requesting the medical examination will pay it for you, in some cases they won’t! Please make sure you know whether or not you will be expected to pay before you come to prevent embarrassment. When booking the appointment please tell the receptionist that it is for a medical examination as a longer appointment is required.

Minor Surgery
Minor operations are performed to remove lumps, bumps, moles, in-growing toenails and joint injections. Certain doctors have particular areas of expertise and it is best to enquire with the receptionists, nurses, or doctors as to who would best deal with your condition.

Travel Clinic
This is run by the practice nurses with occasional input from the doctors where appropriate. Phone 01656 652167 for further information, or look on this website under Health.

Warfarin Clinic
This clinic is run by our practice nurses with input from doctors. Clinics are usually on Tuesday and Friday. Please ring 01656 652167 for information.

Well Baby Clinic
Thursdays 9.00 to 12.00 noon
This is to check babies growth and development from birth to school age. It is jointly run with health visitors and practice nurses. It is also tied in with our vaccination programme. Contact the health visitor if you need more information. Please note, the Well Baby Clinic is not for ill childrenand is by appointment only.
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Well Person and New Patient Clinic
This clinic is run to check your general health. To measure blood pressure,weight and test urine for diabetes. In addition to discuss general health such as lifestyle, exercise and diet. Ring 01656 652167 for details.

Yellow Fever Centre
We are now a yellow fever centre. You do not have to be a patient to have this. Please ring 01656 652167 for details.

Call Recording

All telephone calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes.

Text Messages to Patients

If we have your current mobile telephone number, we will send you appointment reminder text notifications, invitations to clinics and health promotion information.

Please ensure that we have your most up to date mobile telephone number so that you can benefit from this service, or for this service to continue if you are already receiving texts from us. (You can opt out of the text notification service at any time by contacting the practice).

Repeat Prescription Number
Phone 111 / Ffoniwch 111